Troforte M All Purpose

Episode: 9
Title: Troforte M All Purpose
Broadcast: 31st October 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Our gardens are an extension of our homes and we all want to live in clean, neat and tidy spaces and our backyards can’t be neglected if we want one complete domain to live our lives!

  • Fertilising is important for many plants to ensure that they get a well balanced diet and improving your soil is just as, if not more important as that’s where all the action takes place down in the root zone where the worms and microbes rule, making our outdoor rooms come to life.
  • Some plants, especially some natives have adapted to thrive in poor soils but the majority need all the nutrition they can get to grow well and be healthy.
  • With the result of over 15 years of research, this proud Australian gear contains up to 24 strains of beneficial soil microbes that play a vital role in improving and maintaining soil health.
  • There are also around 60 natural minerals that are broken down in the soil by microbes and thus, made available for plants to take up boosting their health.
  • You will also get vastly increased earthworm activity giving better aeration and drainage which dramatically enhances root development.
  • It also means stronger, self-sufficient plants that are more drought resistant.
  • One application can last 5-6 months and after a few applications, your soil will be vastly improved and you will need less fertilizer.
  • This all-purpose variety works on everything in your garden including pots and containers. It’s the one stop shop to make sure your garden is a place you want to live in.

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