Profile Smart Meters

Episode: 10
Title: Profile Smart Meters
Broadcast: 21st November 2015
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

How do you know you have a water leak if you can’t see it? Usually not until the bill turns up or water damage to your property reveals the extent of the leak you didn’t know you had.

  • 28,000 lucky householders in the Goldfields and Pilbara region have been part of a water corporation trial of something new over past few years, the Smart Water Meter!
  • With the Smart Water Meter, there’s no waiting around to find out how much water you’re using. Traditionally our home water meters are read every two months, but a Smart Water Meter only requires a click on the ‘My Water’ page on the Watercorp website and you can track your water usage on an hourly basis.
  • Projections say, based on the trials and the changes its made to people’s water using habits, a Smart Water Meter to all WA households could provide annual water savings in the region of seventy billion litres a year.

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