Powerfeed with Troforte

Episode: 10
Title: Powerfeed with Troforte
Broadcast: 21st November 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Spring is the time when all our gardens are at their best, full of new growth and flowers and its also the time when our plants are at their hungriest.

  • If your plants are lacking in nutrients they will start to show signs of general poor growth like yellowing of leaves, reduced flowering and just a general deterioration in appearance and health, this then makes them more vulnerable to pest and diseases.
  • A quick and easy, but effective solution is Powerfeed with Troforte, a plant food for the whole garden. It’s an organically enriched plant food containing all the essential nutrients even for natives.
  • It delivers a slow and quick release to promote growth, stimulate flowering and fruiting, as well as all the essential nutrients.
  • It’s also packed with beneficial microbes that improve the soil structure in so improving the nutrient up take, these microbes spring into action once they come in contact with water.
  • Application is easy, just spread around the garden and let the microbes go to work, one application every three months is just right.

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