Episode: 3
Title: Hippeastrums
Broadcast: August 27th
Presenter: Melissa King

Hippeastrums are the pre-Madonnas of the bulb world: shower and flamboyant with trumpet-like flowers that take center stage in summer.

  • Get Hippeastrums into a decorative pot or garden bed now and you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular display of flowers in just 8-10 weeks. You could even time your planting so you get lots of colour for Christmas – maybe some really nice red and white varieties for festive colour.
  • They like to be planted with their neck above the ground. They also like a sunny spot with good drainage.
  • If you’re planting them into a pot, you’ll want to use a good-quality potting mix and if they’re in garden beds you’ll need to prepare the area with lots of compost and organic matter.
  • Give them a good dose of seaweed plant tonic at planting time, which will give the roots and leaves a good kick-along, the liquid feed to promote spectacular blooms.

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