Tomato Seedlings

Episode: 4
Title: Tomato Seedlings
Broadcast: September 3rd
Presenter: Melissa King

If you get your tomato’s in the garden early this spring you could be enjoying creamy homemade tomato and basil recipes made from fresh ingredients straight from your backyard. Mellissa shows us a whole world of different tomato’s and the best way to plant them this spring.

  • Tomato Red and Black are tasty and beautiful, with striking indigo skin that turns to jet-black with red flesh.
  • Green Grape tomatos are a natural olive green fruit, which has a lovely citrus tang and is perfect in fresh summer salads.
  • Among the black tomatos, Black Krim, which has its roots in Crimea, is the best. Big and meaty with a great smokey flavour.
  • You might like to try the stunning Pink Bumble Bee tomato, with a big crop of sweet, tangy, cherry-style tomatos decorated with swirls of red and orange.
  • If your soils have warmed up nicely and the risk of frost has passed in your area then you can directly plant your seeds in the garden. If not, you could start them off in a propagation kit. Just fill the trays with seed raising mix then sprinkle the seeds on top. Add a bit more mix to cover and spray with water.
  • Leave the tray for about 4-5 weeks to give them a good start and then when the seeds get to about 10-15cms tall, you can transplant them outside into your garden.
  • These varieties are as decorative in the garden as they are in the plate so get your seeds in now and you could be enjoying a whole banquet of tomato inspired dishes this summer.