Rooftop Garden Design pt 1

Episode: 4
Title: Rooftop Garden Design pt 1 - 140 William Street
Broadcast: September 3rd
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Our cities are transforming right across the globe where some places have even mandated that rooftops have to be gardens. Here in Australia some buildings have been built purposely to have green rooftops, such us One40William.

  • Trev speaks to Julien Rose, who does amazing work designing and building rooftop gardens. His company Deep Green Landscaping is transforming Perth’s walls and rooftops.
  • Creating green rooftops helps to combat the urban heat island effect we have in cities these days. Putting a rooftop garden on buildings not only insulate the building but also helps to treat the storm water that flows through and increases the green star rating of the building as it’s more energy efficient.
  • This is a beautiful space for the workers to come and eat their lunch. They can sit 14 stories up in the air in the sunshine, surrounded by a beautifully maintained garden.
  • The roof is covered in a gravel mulch and soil. The soil is a specially engineered lightweight soil, which was developed for the job and only weighs 1.4-tonne when fully saturated. The soil is 30% spongelite, which sucks up and releases a lot of water and nutrients.