Troforte M Lawn

Episode: 4
Title: Troforte M Lawn
Broadcast: September 3rd
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Lawns are hungry – they need to be fed. Although spring is a very important time to support growth, it’s vital we remember that one of the major pollutants of our waterways is lawn fertiliser.

  • Lawns need small amounts of food every day, not just one huge feed, which is what old-fashioned lawn fertilisers do. You’ve probably heard of controlled and slow release plant food and this is exactly what Troforte’s Fert-O-Lawn is.
  • This unique lawn fertiliser has over 60 beneficial micro and macro nutrients, which means your lawn doesn’t need vitamin tablets as this Troforte has all of the nutrients required to make your lawn as strong as possible.
  • It prevents pest and fungal attacks, which means you don’t have to use chemicals on your lawn. This is better for the environment.
  • It feeds slowly – small amounts every day for 3-4 months and you don’t need a lot to get your lawn looking great, about 60grams per square meter of lawn. The micro prills fall beneath the leaf level and that’s where this fertiliser really does its work.
  • With 24 beneficial microbes and completely natural, Fert-O-Lawn is also great for our waterways.
  • The next step in maintaining a healthy lawn is controlling weeds. You could use chemicals to do so, but you might want to consider a weed-control you can make at home - vinegar and salt mixed together. Apply on a warm day and the weeds will dehydrate and die quickly.
  • One more thing you can do that’s going to make the world of difference to weed control your lawn and that is to mow regularly. Three times a week for 6-8 weeks and you will have no weeds left.

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