PowerFeed green: Seasol-12 Secrets to Gardening Success

Episode: 10
Title: PowerFeed green: Seasol-12 Secrets to Gardening Success
Broadcast: October 15th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There’s a treatment Trev gives to the plants to ensure plants not only look good but are healthy too. Today he shows us how we can make a difference to the plants that will continue to boom in the garden.

  • There are some things that The Garden Gurus do to make a different to the gardens here. There’s a treatment we give to the plants to ensure that they don’t just look fantastic for the show, they continue to boom when planted into the garden.
  • Secret number 10 is a combination. Trev immediately soaks the garden roots with Seasol, which will reduce the impact of transplant shock immediately. Simply mixing just a weak blend of Seasol will reduce any risk of set back.
  • This is something you should do any time you plant a new plant in the garden. Soak in a bucket of Seasol and then plant out.
  • If you’ve ever been to one of these plant shows before you’ll know how amazing they look, now this is because they’re selected from the very best nurseries and also given the very best treatment.
  • As for the lawn – there’s some things you can do. Feed it, mow it and cover all bases to get it as strong as you can. But there’s something special you can do that’s going to make it that much stronger to handle the wear and tear.
  • 5 days out from the show, all the plants and lawns get a soaking with PowerFeed. This is applied over the foliage and roots. This is a gentle boost, using an organic base and its effect is quite remarkable.

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