Water Saving Initiatives in the Community

Episode: 2
Title: Water Saving Initiatives in the Community
Broadcast: Nov 13th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

When it comes to reducing water consumption, many of us have been making an effort for many years now, but what about community facilities? Some are great examples of making a difference in water consumption in WA and today Trev visits one.

  • The City of Canning show great examples of what countless in-roads community facilities are making to save water.
  • Trev speaks to Shana Mckay, the Center Coordinator at Cannington Leisureplex, who is leading the team as they strive to reduce water consumption. They discuss the water saving initiatives applied at the complex and how much water they save each year.
  • One of these initiatives is the use of grey water. The complex is using grey water to flush toilets and irrigate the garden. Grey water can be defines as any water that’s being used within the household (with the exception of sewerage and kitchen water because they’re high in organic material). When treated, grey water is a massive asset.
  • The complex also use timed showers and restricted flow devices on showerheads and hand basin taps.
  • It’s great to see facilities like this striving to save water so come down and check it out for yourself.

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