Wetting Agents

Episode: 1
Title: Wetting Agents
Broadcast: Mar 18rd 2018
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

Applying wetting agents and mulch to your garden will create a healthier garden, your plants will perform better and when it comes to our most precious resource, you will save water.

  • Healthy soil and gardens are less susceptible to pest and disease. Creating healthy soils and plants is really not that hard, the better your garden is maintained the more it will flourish.
  • It’s important to use a wetting agent on your soil at least twice a year. It’s good to do this during autumn to take advantage of the coming rains and again in spring to safeguard the garden before summer.
  • The big tip here is make sure you water your wetting agent in to activate it!
  • As far as mulching goes, there is a very good reason why you use this chunky mulch. Not only will it protect the soil from the harsh summer sun, it will allow water to flow through to where the plants need it, it will reduce evaporation, and when you apply it at a depth of 7-10cm it will smother weeds.
  • A healthy pond can only happen if you are being careful and conscious about its location and how you deal with the surrounding gardens as the potential for run off is high.
  • Of course the wider implications to the environment makes choosing products that have a waterwise accreditation on the packet. This is really important as they are formulated to limit any harmful effects.

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