Fiskars Hedge Shears

Episode: 8
Title: Fiskars Hedge Shears
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

When pruning sometimes it is better to use hedge shears as opposed to the trimmer because you get a much more accurate, cleaner cut. Today Nige shows us a hedge shear you need to add to your toolbox.

  • The cut should be made just above the node of the plant. If you cut too far above the node or in the middle you get the ugly dieback so shears are definitely the way to go.
  • The PowerGear2 by Fiskars now have 3 times more power on the cut for easier pruning and they’ve got the UltraBlade coating on the blade which means the blade stays sharper for five times longer than untreated blades and you get a really lovely clean cut right through to the tip.
  • These hedge shears are rust free and they have a lifetime warranty and really nice comfortable handles.
  • The Fiskars UltraBlade PowerGear2 hedge shears are exclusively available at Bunnings.