Andrew Dunne, Sustainable Seafood

Episode: 1 Bloom Garden show special, Ireland
Title: Andrew Dunne, Sustainable Seafood
Broadcast: Aug 18th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Follow the journey of Ireland’s sustainable seafood industry, as Andrew Christopher Dunne tells the story of tide to table. This garden was Best In Show for this year’s Bloom Festival.

  • Creator and designer, Andrew Christopher Dunne, has been creating high-end, exclusive gardens all over Ireland for nearly 20 years and has a very well-earned reputation as one of the leading garden designers in the country. This year is Andrew’s third visit to Bloom having won a Gold Medal, Best in Category in 2014 for the Samaritans and a Gold Medal for Savills in 2016.
  • Andrew and his family lie in the coastal fishing village of Clogherhead County Louth, and his garden design tells how the fishing industry is a precious resource for the country and treated as a valuable commodity. It emphasises the sustainable and ecological practices and methods employed to keep this industry alive and well.
  • This journey starts in the water and ends on a plate, but it is the multitude of sustainable and ecological practices and methods that are employed to produce this bounty that the garden hopes to highlight.
  • The garden’s aim is to educate, inform, inspire and entertain, all with the goal of encouraging an appreciation of the incredible resources, industries and produce that this island has to offer.
  • Two piers feature in the garden, one traditional and one modern. They represent how the old tradition of fishing has developed and the cutting edge thriving industry that it is in Ireland today. There’s even a fishing boat right in the middle of the display, galley and all! The galley plays host to a few well known Irish seafood chefs who can show off their cooking talents, along with the amazing local produce at the same time.
  • Formed around all things Irish, even the dining table holds history and meaning. Made of Irish Elm, a tree that died off 30 years ago due to disease. A timely reminder that we need to take care for our environment, before our precious resources just dry up.
  • The black water surrounding the boat is actually dyed by concentrated beetroot juice and is a fantastic way to get beautiful reflection and the illusion of depth. It’s completely safe for fish AND keeps algal growth away.