Little Gardeners

Title: Little Gardeners
Date: Oct 13, 2018
Presenter: Steve Wood

A wonderful way to encourage kids to get out into the garden is to share with them the incredible joy of growing plants from seed. Vegetables, herbs, and flowers are all so much fun to grow, and it’s a great way to get them outdoors.

  • Mr Fothergills Little Gardeners kits have been carefully put together to ensure gardening success for the first time gardener. These kits include pots, growing medium, easy to sprout seed varieties, and even a mini greenhouse.
  • The Little Gardeners vegetable and herb range is huge, with rainbow vegetables, mini tomatoes, giant pumpkins, snow pea teepees, purple bean teepees, and Pizza Gardens.
  • With studies showing that children are 5 times more likely to eat food that they have grown themselves, this is a great way to start their healthy eating habits as soon as possible.
  • Planting flowers in the garden can be an absolute joy, and spring is the perfect time to plant some giant sunflower seeds. Sprouting in around a week, these flowers are a great way to add a cheerful splash of colour to your garden.

Mr Fothergills