Garden Express - Hydrangeas

Segment: Garden Express - Hydrangeas
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep10
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 16th November 2019

Hydrangeas are one of the trendiest plants to emerge on the garden scene in the last few years, with a great range of flower size and colour options available.

  • Hydrangeas look incredible in the garden, and the flowers can last a long time if dried, dyed and used in vases indoors.
  • As they are emerging from their winter dormancy, this is one of the best times to select your favourite type of hydrangeas.
  • The Endless Summer range of hydrangeas, introduced by Flemings Nurseries a few years back, are very special.
  • Bloomstruck is an unusual variety with purple-red stems and large flowers of either purple-blue, rose-pink or mauve. There is even a lacecap form now available.
  • You can prune the flowers and bring them into the house in a vase – new flowers will be produced. When it comes to the Endless Summer range, you should be picking the flowers through the summer months.
  • Garden Express has a special offer on hydrangeas for viewers of The Garden Gurus – these plants ina 200mm pot would normally cost $35, but you can get them for just $30.
  • Garden Express will deliver the plants direct to your door.