Growing Fish in Aquaponics

Story: Growing Fish in Aquaponics
Episode: 9
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 17th October 2020

Aquaponics gives you the thrill of catching fish in your own backyard, all while growing your own fresh and delicious produce.

  • The idea behind aquaponics is that you feed the fish, their manure feeds the edible crops and these, in turn, remove the nutrients from the water so it’s clean enough for the fish to thrive.
  • Barramundi are frequently used in aquaponics. They grow rapidly, from fingerlings to plate size in one summer.
  • The pond water is pumped into grow beds that use expanded clay as a medium. In these grow beds, you can plant all sorts of fruit, vegetables and herbs.
  • Liaflor expanded clay is perfect for aquaponics. It’s a long-life growing medium that can last for more than thirty years.
  • Setting up your own system at home is easy. There is a range of ready to go kits available in a selection of different sizes.
  • If your pond water starts to go green, you need more vegetable plants to take up excess nutrients.
  • If your plants are looking yellow, you need more fish. Aerating the water can increase your fish numbers threefold.

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