Nige’s Natives

Story: Nige’s Natives
Episode: 13
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 14th November 2020

  • There’s approximately 24,000 native plant species in Australia.
  • Native plants tend to have a low tolerance for phosphorous, due to the low levels found naturally in our soils.
  • This low phosphorous requirement is critical when it comes to fertilising your natives, which is why you should always choose a good quality fertiliser that’s suited to them.
  • Troforte M Native plant food is specifically engineered to deliver optimum results for all native plants.
  • It not only feeds your plants, but it also helps build better soils, replenishing them with a unique suite of beneficial microbes and fungi.
  • The microbes break down the nutrients, making them more readily available for plants. This helps the plants become more drought resistant.
  • After using Troforte for 6 months, you’ll notice earthworms returning to the soil. Earthworms create better drainage and soil aeration.
  • Apply as per the instructions on the label, ensuring you rake it into the soil before watering it in.
  •  Liquid Troforte is general purpose and can be used on all plants, including natives.
  • It comes in a ready to use hose-on and lasts for 3 months, going to work on the plants immediately.

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