Story: Pigface
Episode: 13
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
Air Date: 14th November 2020

Mesembryanthemum, also known as Pigface, are extremely robust and drought tolerant plants that produce an abundance of vibrant flowers come spring.

  • Pigface are brilliant for sandy soils, dryer gardens and embankments.
  • They can handle almost any weather, from freezing cold winters to stifling hot summers.
  • Pigface are great ground covers, spreading up to 60-80cm and creating a nice thick mat.
  • They are fantastic in mixed garden beds or you can plant them up in a hanging basket for a dramatic display.
  • Garden Express have pigface in 5 different colours: white, mauve, yellow, purple and magenta.
  • In special offer just for The Garden Gurus’ viewers, you can get all 5 for only $31.50. That’s 20% off.

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